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Rose’s Birthday Gift to YOU

As I turn 45, I’m indulging in some reflections. 

One thing I’ve become passionate about is that each and every one of us deserves to be cared for and nurtured. Your body should feel good. What you need may be different from what I need. I’ll share with you what I’ve discovered for myself, but whatever it is that you need—go get it

Here are some things that I am doing to support what my body needs:

  • I’ve started amazing Yoga classes that are kicking my ass in the best possible way
  • Spending time relaxing on the boat out on the water
  • Painting and gardening
  • Visiting friends with no agenda other than to be together (even is it’s just over zoom)
  • Sharing my thoughts and feeling no matter how “silly” I might think they are in the moment
  • And maybe, most importantly, I’ve been allowing for bursts of spontaneous self-expression and trying new activities just because they seem fun!

My personal reflection has made me think about each of you, your journeys, and why I started this business in the first place. You are all so inspiring!

We have a woman who buys CBD Spray every month for her husband and puts it in his smoothie because it takes away his pain and makes him less moody.

There is a massage therapist that uses the creams and nano lotion for her clients that are in chronic pain.

The couple who buys pet drops for their cats because it makes their cats act like bouncy kittens again.

What each of us has in common is that we’re saying to ourselves or another: “You deserve to have what makes you feel good. You deserve to be happy.”

So, for my birthday this Sunday, it is my pleasure to give you two gifts! The first one is $15 off any product on our website. The second one is a free “birthday” surprise CBD gift that will be included with every order!

Just use code “feelgood” between NOW and midnight on my birthday.

Please enjoy, take advantage of the gifts, and do the things that support you and your loved ones to feel good.



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