Helpful hints to know about CBD.

CBD stands for cannabidiol, which is a substance found in the fiber variant of the hemp plant, more specifically the Cannabis sativa (Latin name). For the making of CBD oil an extract is made from this plant containing a certain percentage of cannabidiol. This extract is processed in oil, capsules or skin cream.

This is a question we are often asked. CBD oil offers benefits such as good sleep, mental balance and the brain, but it is also a good choice if you want to be able to move smoothly when you are in pain. Many people swear by using this product. You can google the experiences of people who use CBD oil or other products and the conditions for which they use these products or you can read the success stories on www.www.yournaturalhealthcare.com . Experiment and make a decision for yourself or read our Doctor’s recommendations and favorite products on www.www.yournaturalhealthcare.com.

Every mammal, and therefore also humans, have an endo-cannabinoid system. The human body also produces cannabinoids itself. This body (endo) system can be supplemented with the vegetable cannabinoids from the hemp plant that are processed in our CBD oil. It is an orthomolecular method of treatment within the body, so CBD works entirely naturally. CBD oil is, not without a reason, seen as a panacea, because the body-friendly effect is fully in line with what you produce as a human being.

Yes, CBD is legal. The substance has no psychoactive effect, is not addictive and you do not get high or stoned.

THC is in full tetrahydrocannabinol, which is another substance found in the Cannabis indica (Latin name) plant. This substance does affect human consciousness and is responsible for being high when smoking a joint, for example. CBD does not have this property.

No. Cannabis oil is made from the Cannabis indica plant. The active ingredient in cannabis oil is THC. That is why it is also called THC oil. In contrast to CBD, cannabis oil is psychoactive and falls under the Opium Act. Unfortunately the different oils, like THC oil, cannabis oil, hemp oil and CBD oil are sometimes used interchangeably. That can cause confusion. Always buy a CBD oil at a reliable source and check if there is no THC. You can be sure of high quality products you find at www.www.yournaturalhealthcare.com website.

CBD oil, CBD skin oils and creams are used by people with various complaints and maladies. On our website you will find more information about how the product is used and about user experiences.

CBD oil is usually taken under the tongue. By keeping the oil in the mouth for a moment, it is well absorbed by the body. Drink water when swallowing. The skin oil and cream can be used unlimitedly on the skin. We use the CBD oil to create all of our products from skin care, chapstick to pet care.

Always check what is on the packaging of your CBD product. From Your Natural Health Care we have CBD oil 2.75% you can take for example 6 to 15 drops per day. The amount depends on the concentration of CBD. Try for yourself what works best for you. Start preferably with a low amount and slowly build up the dosage if necessary. There are no restrictions on the useful life of CBD oil.

Note: use is not recommended if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. In any case, talk to your doctor if you want to use CBD during pregnancy or breastfeeding. CBD is also not suitable for children under 4 years of age.

There are no known side effects of CBD. There are a few reports that people who start CBD sometimes get a headache. By taking CBD oil with sufficient water, this could be preventable. It is recommended, however, to be careful with the use of CBD oil in combination with medicines and substances such as alcohol. If you want to use CBD in combination with medication, it is wise to consult with your doctor. In any case, it is good to contact your doctor if unexpected reactions occur.

How do you choose the form you will use? We put both forms here for you next to each other. This way you can choose what suits you. Your natural health offers CBD in oil and capsules. Both products are not psychoactive. You can use the oil both internally and externally. The capsules can only be used internally. The advantage of capsules is that you know exactly how much pure CBD you get.

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