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"I regularly had a stiff neck and back from traveling often and long flights overseas. Also, the constant computer work did not help in the stiffness or the joint discomfort.  

I have had this discomfort as a constant ache for over 10 years. I tried the CBD Cooling Healing Salve on my neck and shoulders and within 15 minutes I could see and move my head in a way I could not before. I now travel with the Salve and it has saved me from hours of pain and suffering."

~ Rose

41 Years Old
Alameda, CA 

"When I first heard of CBD cream I was suffering from “Trigger Finger.” This is where one of my fingers would cramp and then I could not open it. I was attending a street fair and one of the CBD venders said here try this cream on your finger and let me know what you think.

30 min later I was buying 2 jars of the cream with a fully movable finger. I went hunting for the most effective, natural products and ended up creating Your Natural Healthcare so that I could use and provide the best products."

~ William 

57 Years Old
Alameda, CA 

"After a lifetime of bating hooks and working in the unforgiving seas my hands hurt. I was introduced to the products on a fishing trip on The Lovely Martha. I complained about my thumb being so painful and swollen that I could barely bate the hook. William pulled some salve out of his pocket with a “try this.” After about 25 minutes I realized that my thumb no longer hurt. I could now feel everything else that hurt. I decided to get the care I need for my hands from my doctor and I bought a container on the boat so that I could quit suffering every day."

~ Captain Frank

65 Years Old 
Fisherman - The Lovely Martha
San Francisco, CA 

"I have been traveling, playing guitar and playing golf for most of my life. It sounds really good but there are drawbacks like joint and wrist pain. When it was suggested that I try Your Natural Healthcare CBD products I was skeptical but thought “Why not? Nothing else really works” and I put some of the CBD Muscle Salve on my wrist and then forgot all about it. About 25 minutes later they asked me how my wrist felt. In surprise, I realized that it no longer hurt! I know that the FDA has no proof that the reduction of pain was due to the CBD but I don’t really care because being pain-free is enough for me. I have reordered."

~ Kim

70 Years Old
Golf Professional
Philippines & Chicago, IL

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