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Success Is A Team Sport. Who’s On Your Team?

How to build a business and life that satisfies.

People like slogans. Most people like slogans better than actions.

Actions are the only thing that makes a difference. I am going to tell you the actions to take to create a successful business and life.

I have studied humanity, personal development and businesses for the last 50 years.  I know that sounds old.  My girlfriend likes to tease me “you act like you think you are a millennial.” Why am I telling you that? My point is you can listen to me because I do have a modern, relevant message.

First, why is success a team sport? We have heard of, know or are one of those brilliant human beings who really do have a answer, program or solution that makes life easer for humanity. We have seen many of these brilliant tech start ups with great plans go though several rounds of funding and launch only to have to close and disappear a few years latter. Why does this happen? These people and ideas are brilliant. We need them. They should work.

Here is what happens.  The brilliant founder does not know how to translate what they see in their head into something that compelled people to support them and to do their best work in the name of the vision that the founder can see.

They demand that the marketing image be perfect and the people they hire hate them by the time they have launched because they have had last minute revisions, late nights, screaming matches, unclear instructions and failure after failure.

Now picture a founder who is clear that their success is a function of their team. They take the time to think about what is in it for their team. What do they want? What is important to them?  What would make their team naturally inspired? What would have them coming in early because they were excited. What would have them naturally staying late so that they could give their best work?

I designed Your Natural Healthcare so that as many people as possible could have the pride and experience of ownership. What I discovered is that more than any inspirational slogan what people wanted to know is that they had the power and ability to impact their revenue. They wanted to know that they could become very wealthy or just pay their bills and that it was up to them.  SO what I have built this business around is the belief that if I show them how and give them the structure the agents that are driving the business will create brilliant business that are thriving. I am giving them what they need to make a difference in their community and in their family’s wealth and comfort.  So what are my secrets?

  1. Accept People and Situations as they are. Not trying to change peoples habits and beliefs saves me a lot of time and allows them to innovate. I tell them the results we want to produce and how I have produced it. Then I give them advice along there way but do not try to change them. I support them. Even if I think my ideas are better.
  2. Things are not always what they appear to be.  This has been said many times before but the truth of it hardly ever gets applied. You see people make decisions in business based on their observation of what the customers, vendors, employees or bosses have said or their attitude.   I have found that when this is examined it is hardly ever what I thought it was. Take the time to ask and find out what they meant and what they want to accomplish.
  3. A Fool is “happy” when his cravings are satisfied. A warrior is happy without reason. That’s what makes happiness the ultimate discipline.” I believe that if you are leading a team of people then you need to have a certain level of contentment. When you are happy people want to be around you. Simple right? We learned that in Kindergarten. It applies to owning a business and leading a team of people.
  4. “The first step to change is accepting your reality right now.” In life and in business a lot of things happen that you will not like. Your ability to accept them as they are whether you like them or not will give you the power to make smart decisions about how best to handle that situation.
  5. Keep Planning. No business plan ever goes as expected. You should expect to replan a couple dozen times.

Most of all, keep in mind that success is a team sport and your job is to build and foster a winning team.

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