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Father’s Day Special: Your Natural Healthcare

Have you sent anything to Dad for Sunday yet? Our entire product line is 30% off for Father's Day!

Nano lotion, CBD Drops, CBD Spray, Muscle Salve, Muscle Rub,–every single item is included in the special– just for you and your Dad. 😊

Use code: DadsRock to receive a whopping 30% discount on your order PLUS free shipping.

Father's Day Gift of Joint or Muscle Product

Dad might love something from our joint and muscle care line which includes not only the purest quality CBD isolate (or Nano CBD, depending on the product), but also includes other pain-relieving ingredients.

What’s the difference between our creams, salves, rubs, roll-ons, and lotion?

Butter Creams: Absorb/melt deeper, quicker and faster, while nourishing the skin. Relief lasts 3-4hours

Salves:  Absorb into the skin leaving a waxy coating to help ingredients stay longer. Relief lasts 3-4 hours

Rubs:  Like Salves, absorb into the skin leaving a waxy coating to help active ingredients stay longer. Relief lasts 3-4 hours.

Nano Lotion:  Nano Concentrated CBD, designed for excellent glide full body massage

Roll-Ons (oils):  Nano Concentrated CBD, target smaller area with immediate, long lasting relief.

Gift of CBD Spray or Drops

You might also want to consider something from our CBD Spray and Drops line. Sprays & Drops have CBD in a base of coconut oil or MCT oil. All of these products are designed for effectiveness. Take CBD internally for overall health, sleep, stress reduction, hormone balancing.

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