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44 Quick Ways to Restore Balance

  1. Listen to uplifting music and do nothing else.
  2. Contemplate an area in which you believe you're personally progressing.
  3. Make a list of ways to bring more passion into your daily life.
  4. Do something physical and try to focus. Only on that activity,
  5. Delegate more of, what you don't love to others
  6. Make something creative that uplifts others.
  7. What daily tasks bring you down? How could you improve or stop them?
  8. Observe a body of water or the sky.
  9. Write about how you most want to feel.
  10. Observe the feelings of your body.
  11. Create an affirmation that makes you feel powerful.
  12. Gain some perspective by scheduling time to contemplate big picture goals
  13. Try a new type of meditation.
  14. Spend some time alone and unplugged from devices.
  15. Create a vision board of things that motivate and inspire you
  16. Reset your day by choosing a new higher purpose.
  17. Make a list of things you love.
  18. Write about your current feelings.
  19. Align yourself with more of what energizes you
  20.  Enjoy a special meal alone without any distractions.
  21.  Make a list of activities that nurture your soul.
  22.  Devote 20 minutes to any activity you find sacred or uplifting
  23. Designate a specific time every day to focus on self-restoration.
  24. Think of some activities you find exciting and do one.
  25. Visualize yourself in your favorite place or go there.
  26. Do at least one page of mindless doodling.
  27. Create an affirmation that aligns you with joy and love.
  28. Daydream about a retreat you might enjoy taking.
  29. Bring your full attention to the here and now.
  30. Brainstorm new habits that could help you feel more rested and cared for.
  31. Contemplate your childhood dreams and how you feel about them.
  32. Cut something stressful out of your life.
  33. Read something that uplifts you.
  34. Research a new meditation or healing practice for something you struggle with.
  35. Spend some time basking in nature.
  36. Relax and feel the weight of your body.
  37. Study a small object, letting yourself see it in a new way.
  38. Consciously slow and deepen your breathing. Breathe deeply. Feel deeply.
  39. Look around and accept all you observe without assessing or judging. Simply look around.
  40. Take one tiny step toward a scary, exciting goal.
  41. Identify an area where you feel off track. How could you realign?
  42. Plan a day of activities for your inner child.
  43. Visualize yourself immersed in colors.
  44. Spend time connecting with a person or animal without any distractions.

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